My current main focus is "Kael's Yet To Be Named Game", a unique online digital collectible card game created from scratch. The front end is made with unity and C#, the back end is written in Perl. It is currently functional and playable but still very much in development. Play from browser or Download Here. See my discord for instructions on how to play and all feedback.

Other Games

Be an Astroid Miner Windows Mac
Shapes, which was made in one day: Windows
Mash It Windows
Elemental Wars: The Quest for Kael's Soul Windows
Unnamed Platformer: Windows
Space Shooter: Web

HTML5 Games

Maze: Web
Memory: Web
Space Game: Web


CV2 item tracker: Windows/Source
CV2 Location Tracker: Windows/Source
Text Phantasy Star 4 Tracker: Windows
Graphical Phantasy Star 4 Tracker: Windows


CV2R Bingo: Web